Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Pioneer Woman: From Black Heels to Tractor Wheels Review

When Harper Collins asked me if I would be interested in reviewing The Pioneer Woman from Black Heels to Tractor Wheels I was ecstatic. I had been reading The Pioneer Woman blog for a few years now so this was a no brainer. Just think city girl married cowboy, madly in love with her cowboy, living on a ranch, cooking and baking. There are probably some other moments thrown in, living on a ranch an hour from civilization, oh no I ran out of mascara, oh darn the cows got loose again.

Seriously, I have always enjoyed Ree's blog and I am a sucker for romance and memoirs. The Pioneer Woman calls her man The Malboro Man, not because he smokes but more because of his ruggedness. This book tells the story of their romance. How she spotted him across the room in a bar, how it took him 4 months to finally call her and then it was all over. She fell madly in love, head over heels and it appears that the romance was hot, steady and quick. Life is not all romance. Her honeymoon was cut short by disaster and the first year gave the new couple their share of challenges.

I knew through her blog that The Pioneer Woman was madly in love with her husband and this book is declaration of that love. A declaration with some of life's more funnier moments, such as when she attends a wedding with her husband and starts sweating like a pig on a rotisserie. We have all had those moments where we just have to strip off our clothes and pat ourselves dry. Hopefully the love of your life and his brother are not waiting outside the bathroom for twenty minutes as you are trying to cool yourself off.

This is quite simply a love story. A love story from Oklahoma that will have you laughing and feeling warm inside that love exists, marriages work and while The Pioneer Woman has achieved a celebrity status, and a food network show, she just wants what will all do, love and happiness.

I was laying in bed reading the book and talking to my husband and said to him "why do you know you are friends with someone"? I was telling a friend that I was going to lend her the book, mentioning it was about a blogger who lives on a ranch. Oh, The Pioneer Woman, I read her blog, watch her on The Food Network, now I do not want to live on a ranch but it is rather charming responded my friend. And that is why she is my friend. We find the same things charming and I hope you grab the book and find it charming too.

And for my Where am I Reading Challenge, I now have Oklahoma covered.


Anonymous said...

Yewwwwww, the Pioneer Woman? That book is fiction just like her "little ol' ranch wife" schtick. Have you read about her latest cover-up involving an Etsy artist? For years Drummond has been dogged with charges she plagiarizes recipes from church and community cookbooks. Last week she posted content stolen from an Etsy artist. When she was called out for it, she deleted it from her blog and never publicly apologized for it. Lame! I would read much less buy any of her books.

http://bit.ly/xqtMqr http://bit.ly/x9PrAq

Kris said...

Sounds like a cute book. Living in Texas I have found there are a lot of men who would be considered "rugged", like the Marlboro Man except most of them drive trucks instead of riding horses. Oh, and there are ranches too! LOL

Jenners said...

I'm one of the few who don't seem to read her blog, but I'm always happy (and a mite bit jealous) when a blogger hits it big. Still, it does sound like you do feel "friendly" with her, which is a great quality in a blogger and a writer.

vicki said...

Esme- I think the book would be a genuinely fun read. I also love Ree's blog- I find her sense of humor hilarious.

I met my husband in a hot tub-- probably not book material- lol!!


Amused said...

I don't really read her blog but I certainly know who she is and have caught her show a few times and didn't know this was how she ended up where she is. Sounds like an adorable memoir!

TheBookGirl said...

I've heard alot about her, but have never read her blog. I am about to rectify that :)

Glad you enjoyed the book!

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